Prenatal vitamins side effect

Even with a healthy balanced diet, gestating women still need to take a dose of prenatal vitamins everyday.  This is because there are essential nutrients needed by pregnant women that they could not get from food alone.  These prenatal vitamins, however, are meant to supplement the daily nutrition of expectant mothers and should not be taken as a replacement for food intake.  Many medical experts even say that prenatal vitamins could be absorbed better when taken with a balanced diet and a regimen of exercise. There are minor side effects to taking prenatal vitamins though that may be experienced by a number of pregnant moms.  These side effects include diarrhea, constipation, stomach upset, nausea or vomiting.  If you are experiencing one or more of these side effects, take note that they will lessen and gradually disappear over time or as soon as your body adapts to your prenatal vitamins.  There are also things that you can do, so you can be relieved of these side effects from prenatal vitamins.  For relief from constipation, you can try drinking more water or increasing your daily fiber intake.  This means taking in more whole-grain breads, bran as well as salads and fresh vegetables and fruits.  Constipation can also be helped with exercise. 

However, if you feel that the side effects you are feeling from taking prenatal vitamins have been quite bothersome and persistent, you must consult your doctor at once.  It is really important to tell your doctor if you have been having severe abdominal pain or experience passing out bloody stools or those that appear as if they have mixed with tar.  Just take note that intake contained in prenatal pills could result in getting black stools, so you might want to know how to distinguish a black stool from a tarry one.  To make sure that you don’t get major side effects when it comes to taking prenatal vitamins, inform your doctor always about any allergic reaction that you might have to any medications.  This is especially important if you are allergic to certain iron or other vitamin and mineral products.  Also tell your doctor if you have any diseases like stomach ulcers as well as liver, bone and kidney diseases, as medications for these may not interact well with some prenatal vitamins. Always remember also that to prevent your stomach from getting irritated by taking in prenatal vitamins, always take your prenatal pills after a meal.  You can also take your prenatal vitamins with a full glass of milk or water.

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